ASU Citizen Science Maker Summit

The ASU Citizen Science Maker Summit 2016  is a two-day event, hosted by Arizona State University in partnership with SciStarter, designed to explore the crossroads of citizen science and the maker movement. The summit is scheduled for October 26 (evening), 27 & 28, 2016 in downtown Chandler, Arizona at the ASU Chandler Innovation Center.

Summit Highlights

PDF icon ASU Citizen Science Maker Summit Report: Learning Outcomes and Next Steps




11.03.16 Citizen Science Makers Summit at Arizona State University, Discover blog, by Catherine Hoffman

11.04.16  Interview with Dr. Micah Lande about the summit, PBS Channel 8 (Arizona)

11.21.16 Exploring the Intersections of Making and Citizen Science, Maker Ed, by Trey Lathe

12.04.16 Making Citizen Science Tools Accessible and Discoverable, Discover blog by Guest


Videos from the Citizen Science Maker Summit (listed in alpha order by last name)

Katherine Ball, "Advancing Technology for Citizen Science"

Jane Crayton, "Rio Verde Virtual Archaelogy Experience"

Heather Fischer, "Tourists as Citizen Scientists" 

Heather Fleming, Catapult Design founder, "Make Impact"

Mike Kautz, "How Adventure Scientists can be Citizen Scientists"

David Lang, Open ROV founder 

Trey Lathe, MakerED founder, "How Far Have We Come? What Challenges Lie Ahead?"

Sophia B. Liu, USGS, "Opportunities and Challenges with Citizen Science"

Alison Parker, EPA,  "Science Beyond the Public: the Potential of Citizen Science" 

Nancy Stoner, Pisces Foundation, "Empowering Citizen Science with Emerging Techologies"


"Data Quality" Panel disucssion

"Maker to Manufacturer" Panel discussion







Summit Highlights Include

Explore best practices between makers and citizen scientists and learn how these two communities can benefit from each other.

Participate in multiple networking activities that allow you to connect with other conference attendees.

Engage in hands-on workshops conducted by TechShop staff and experience first hand what select machines can do. You will be able to take home what you make!


Wednesday, October 26, 20166 pm - 7 pm

Reception (Optional)

Thursday, October 27, 20169 am - 5 pmKeynote address: David Lang, Founder of Open ROV
Keynote address: Alison Parker, EPA            
Keynote address: Nancy Stoner, Pisces Foundation                     

Breakout Sessions:
Data Quality in Federal Agencies
Maker to Manufacturing 
Making Tools Discoverable 

Lightning talks 
Birds of a Feather Un-conference session
Public Sharing and Ice Cream (optional)
Friday, October 28, 20168 am - 1 pmKeynote address: Heather Fleming, founder of Catapult
Design and Discuss            
Sharing of Commitments         
Lunch and TechShop time

Expected outcomes include:

  • Develop a framework of open database, common citizen science tools to power SciStarter's emerging Build (DIY), Borrow (Lending Libraries), Buy features
  • Real-world case studies including efforts to identify, build, or improve tools to 1) monitor soil moisture levels to ground-truth NASA satellite data and 2) measure water quality in our nation's rivers, streams, lakes and oceans; and 3) record and share heat island indicators in AZ through ASU's Long-Term Ecological Research program.
  • White paper on reaching, supporting underrepresented communities and educators around citizen science + making
  • Exploratory plans for future citizen science and making collaborations


David Bakker

Pocket Lab

Ira Bennett


Anne Bowser

Wilson Center

Darlene Cavalier

ASU and SciStarter

Narendra Das


Heather Fleming


Dave Guston


Joan Horvath and
Rich Cameron

Nonscriptum LLC

Micah Lande


David Lang

Open ROV


 Trey Lathe



Sophia B. Liu


Alison Parker

ORISE fellow at


Lea Shanley

South Big Data
Innovation Hub


Nancy Stoner

Pisces Foundation


Andrew Torelli

iPhone Spectrometer


Jeffrey Warren

Public Lab

Andrea Wiggins

University of Maryland

Ariela Zycherman



Arizona State University is a thought leader in both the citizen science and maker movements. Through the SciStarter website (a research initiative of ASU), we host a collection of more than 1,600 citizen science projects and events. ASU also led the first university collaboration with the TechShop maker space. In 2014, ASU hosted the inaugural Maker Summit, focusing on the Maker movement in higher education. It attracted 200 attendees from around the country. By bringing together our larger national network, the ASU Citizen Science Maker Summit seeks to promote cross-pollination, learning and future collaborations among makers, designers, scientists, citizen scientists, and higher education institutions in support of making and citizen science.

The ASU Citizen Science Maker Summit 2016 will facilitate the sharing of best practices and help jump-start opportunities for the citizen science and making communities to learn from each other.  The event will include a combination of breakout sessions, skill-building workshops and networking events, as well as multiple keynote speakers and optional tours/activities.

What is a Maker?

What Is a Maker?

What is Citizen Science?

CS Maker video v2


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